Pediatric Dentistry

Children require specialized dental care and gentle touch. Since many healthy habits are formed in early childhood, it is important to instill in children the importance of a good oral hygiene routine, which includes regular trips to the dentist. At Burnaby Dental Studio, our dentist, Dr. Lisa Tran and our professional staff love kids and are dedicated to making your child’s visit memorable and relaxing.

Issues that can be addressed during your child’s visit include proper diet and oral hygiene, emergencies and loss of baby teeth, and habits such as thumb sucking or pacifiers which could interfere with the proper alignment of the teeth.

If it is your child’s first dental visit, and they are anxious, we will do our best to help them stay calm. We will check for any cavities or alignment issues with the teeth, and focus on preventative care. A child’s baby teeth are important for helping the child learn to speak and eat, as well as serving as placeholders for the permanent teeth to come. Emphasising preventative care will help to ensure that your child keeps their baby teeth until they are ready to fall out naturally. We will also address any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s teeth, and encourage your child to ask questions and communicate openly with our dental team.